An Attorney Can Help If You Are Facing Employer Retaliation Over Your Injury Claim


Were you recently injured in the workplace? Did you file a workers' compensation claim or are you considering going down this path? If you believe you are being retaliated against by your employer for filing such a claim or if you fear retaliation could be in your future once you file, you need to hire an attorney ASAP. Here's how a work-related injury attorney can help you.

Understand Your Rights

When you are injured in the workplace, you have certain rights as an employee. These rights can vary from state to state but a local attorney will be able to sit down with you, go over the situation and help you understand your rights. In general, an employer should not be discouraging you from filing a workers' compensation claim and should absolutely not be retaliating against you in any way if you do move forward with such a claim.

Advocate On Your Behalf

If you have faced consequences in the workplace or are fearful of consequences as a result of an injury claim, your new attorney can step up to the plate for you. Sometimes just a phone call from an attorney is enough to get your employer to back down and start doing everything by the book again.

Assist With Documentation

Your attorney can assist with helping you to gather any documentation you need for both your injury claim and a possible retaliation case. This could include medical documentation, taking witness statements or helping you to secure documentation related to the discipline, termination or any form of retaliation put upon you by your employer. This documentation can be used to create a narrative that makes it clear that you are being retaliated against.

Move Forward With a Lawsuit

If your lawyer reaching out to your employer doesn't put an end to the retaliation, you can proceed with a court case for not just the workplace injury but for the retaliation as well. Your employer will likely have their own high-powered attorney on their side but hiring your own will even the playing field and make certain that you won't be intimidated or pushed around.

Assist With Your Claim As Well

Being retaliated against by your employer in response to a workers' compensation claim can be infuriating and that might be your top priority. But don't forget the claim itself and the importance of seeing it though. Your work-related injury attorney can also help with every step of the claims process and can help ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve.

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17 March 2023

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