3 Ways Your Personal Injury Lawyer Deals With Insurance Companies


You can become frustrated if you handle a personal injury claim without legal representation. Hiring skilled experts ensures you get the best settlement in your personal injury case. Read on to discover how your personal injury attorney handles insurance companies for a favorable outcome.

1. Appeals Denied Claims

Often, personal injury victims make claims from insurance companies without legal representation. If you do so, the insurance may deny your claim for different reasons. For instance, if the insurers believe the liable party wasn't at fault or you exaggerated your injuries, they may deny your claim. A personal injury attorney helps you dispute the denial for a better resolution.

Your personal injury attorney gets the evidence to approve your claim. The attorney also investigates the accident to determine who bears liability. Your lawyer accesses information you may not get your hands on, such as:

  • Repair reports establishing whether the car that caused the accident was well-maintained
  • An expert witness who can demonstrate the cause of the accident
  • The at-fault driver's logbook to show how long the driver had operated before the accident
  • Evidence to establish if other parties contributed to the accident

Your personal injury lawyer uses the above information to ensure a favorable settlement.

2. Speeds Up Delayed Payments

You can receive a settlement offer from the insurance, but the payment fails to arrive. Insurance companies can use tactics to delay the money you need for medical expenses. Your personal injury lawyer comes in handy to ensure you receive timely settlements.

Often insurers will expedite your claim if you have a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney advises you about the penalties the insurance faces for delayed payments. Besides, the insurers wouldn't want court procedures if you deserve the compensation.

3. Disputes Low Settlement Offers

Many insurance companies are in business and want to limit your compensation. Often, if you accept the insurer's offer without legal representation, you may get a lower amount. But, with a personal injury attorney, you know the precise compensation to expect.

If the insurance offers unfavorable terms, your personal injury attorney advises how to proceed. For example, if the insurers refuse to negotiate, your lawyer can file a suit to pursue compensation in court. Ultimately, you don't miss out on the total amount you need to address your injuries.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer helps you avoid common injury claim mistakes. In addition, an experienced personal injury attorney handles all communication with the insurance company. Lastly, you get protection from unfair tactics and receive your total compensation.  

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20 October 2022

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When I sued a product manufacturer after a disfiguring accident, I never expected to actually go to court. I assumed that the case would eventually be settled, like most personal injury cases are. To my surprise, they wouldn't budge, and we ended up having to go all the way to court. I was pretty nervous about testifying, but I had a great attorney that prepared me well, and everything went smoothly. In the end, the jury saw things my way. I realized that I probably wasn't the only person to ever experience an unexpected day in court, and that's how I got the idea to start this blog. If you're looking for tips to help you prepare or wondering what to expect when you go to court for a lawsuit, this blog contains important information for you.