Motorcycle Crash Claims: 3 Settlement Factors You Need To Know About


When you get hurt in a motorbike crash, your top priority is getting a settlement that will cover all your losses. Therefore, you might consider consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer to get an estimation of the payment you should expect after filing a claim. They will evaluate your case to determine the damages you have suffered and how they might impact your life. After that, they will share the following information about the factors that can make a difference in your claim's value.  

The Damages You Sustained in the Crash

The damages you sustain in the crash will be a major determinant of your settlement. You are entitled to a payment that will cover all your economic and non-economic losses, including your medical bills and the agony caused by the accident. However, you have a right to include any other losses and accident-related expenses you may incur in the future. This explains the importance of working with a legal advisor when filing your claim because they can evaluate your case and propose the settlement figure for your damages.  

The Likelihood of Winning Your Case

When working with an attorney to win your case, you may expect a higher payment. Your winning chances will also increase if you have compelling evidence and witnesses who can testify for you in court. However, you must ensure that your witnesses are credible because rejection in court could hurt your case. Your contribution to the collision could also impact the payment you will get. A personal injury law attorney can provide expert reports and documents showing the cause of the accident to boost your odds of winning.

The Wrongdoer's Ability to Pay

The party who caused your crash should take full responsibility for your damages. However, the amount of their insurance policy might limit you from recovering all the payments you deserve. That's because you can only collect what they can pay. Therefore, you need to know their assets and insurance policy to determine the settlement you should expect. The defendant may have assets that are more than the value of their insurance policy. Or they might have a high net worth, which could be why they carry more than the minimum amount of insurance to protect their personal belongings. You need this essential information to know the payment to expect after filing your claim.

Working with a lawyer dealing with motorcycle crash claims is the best way to get an accurate picture of your claim. They will share the facts above to give you a rough idea of what to expect should you decide to pursue compensation for your damages. For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer near you.


15 June 2022

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