Ask Your Attorney These Questions Before Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits


Disability benefits offer financial support for people who have developed medical problems or impairment that affects their working ability. But to receive this financial assistance, you have to make an application and prove that you have a deserving problem. However, applying for these benefits isn't easy because strict laws govern them. For this reason, it's best to engage a social security disability (SSD) lawyer during the application process. As you consult with your lawyer, don't forget to ask them the questions below. 

Who Is Qualified to Get These Benefits?

Applying for disability benefits can be a lengthy process that could consume a significant amount of time and money. Therefore, you want to know whether you're eligible before starting the application process. Where your medical issues and conditions are recognized as disabilities in law, you're eligible for the benefits. 

Typically, your lawyer will assess your symptoms to determine your eligibility. Your application might not go through if you're not suffering from the recognized conditions or symptoms. In this case, your attorney will gather sufficient evidence to prove that your condition is medically equivalent to those recognized in the law.

What Documents Are Needed When Applying?

The Social Security Association will require evidence proving that you've received a comprehensive medical examination. These medical records enable them to determine whether the medical issues the doctor discovered meet the threshold to receive benefits. 

But remember that all your medical records must be credible and provided by a specialist who handles the type of condition you're suffering from. For example, if you have a heart problem, the documents you present must be from a qualified cardiologist. Besides, the documents should be from the healthcare provider who treats you regularly.

What Will Happen If Your Application Is Denied?

It's not uncommon for SSD applications to get rejected in the first trial. Luckily, you can appeal the decision reached. Your lawyer will collect the necessary documentation as well as guide you through the process, ensuring that your appeal is successful.

Applying for SSD benefits enables you to live comfortably after suffering a disability that affects your working ability. However, it would be best to have the guidance of a social security disability lawyer. They will answer the questions above and any other concerns you might have concerning the application process. Besides that, they will help you file a strong claim that will make your application go through on your first attempt. 


15 April 2022

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