4 Tips On How To Handle A Fender Bender


Of course, a road accident is annoying and stressful, no matter how small it may be. Naturally, you want to resolve it within a few minutes and continue with your day's activities. But realistically, you cannot ignore a fender bender. A few steps are essential if you've been involved in an accident. Here's how to handle a fender bender.

Stay Calm

A slight altercation with the other driver can make you angry and restless. Regardless, you have to stay calm to avoid making implicating statements. If the other party is to blame for the collision, plan how to best handle the situation instead of hurling insults at them. It is also crucial to check if your passengers are okay. If anyone is injured, seek medical help from the paramedics right away.

Pull Over

Many drivers quickly step out of their cars for a confrontation after a fender bender. But you should pull over and park on the side of the road first. Also, check your mirrors to ensure that you are not in the way of other motorists. 

Remember that opening your door in the middle of a busy highway is risky, so you ought to be cautious when getting out of the vehicle. Additionally, do not forget to signal other drivers about the situation so they can slow down when approaching the scene.

Notify the Police

While a fender bender can be resolved without police intervention, it is vital to inform them. For instance, you should get a police report if your car suffers significant dents. Police can also help with handling any disagreements between the two drivers. They will act as mediators to ensure that the situation does not escalate. More importantly, they will clear the scene quickly to avoid a traffic snarl-up. 

Collect Evidence and Driver's Information

If you wish to be compensated for the vehicle damage, collecting evidence from the scene is crucial. Start by taking photos of the damage. Then, thoroughly inspect your vehicle and take note of the damage. You can also take a short video. 

In addition, note the other motorist's contact details and insurance details. Collect details such as their name, car registration, and insurance policy. This information is vital when filing a claim. The photos and videos are a great resource when proving the occurrence of the incident.

Speak with an auto accident attorney if you need additional help with seeking compensation for damage to your vehicle or for injuries. 


23 February 2022

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