What Your Work Site Accident Attorney Wants You To Know


When you are injured on the job, it can be a stressful time. Knowing what to do and who to call can help ease the stress. Here's what your worksite accident attorney wants you to know about your next steps. 

File a report

The very first thing you need to do when injured on the job is to file a report with your employer. Whether you work with a large company or a small one, there should be a system in place for reporting workplace injuries with either a direct supervisor or with the company's human resource department. Request copies of everything for yourself. Even if you feel your accident is minor, silly, or even embarrassing, report it.

Take photos

These days everyone has a cell phone. Use yours to snap a few photos of the scene. Be sure to include multiple angles as well as photos of the safety equipment involved. If you are unable to take photos, ask a nearby witness to do it for you and forward the pictures to you. Have a friend or family member take photos of your injury later as well. 

Get names

Speaking of witnesses, take a moment to get the full names and phone numbers of any witnesses in the area surrounding your worksite accident. If you know everyone personally, then take a moment to jot everyone's name down in the notetaking app on your phone. This will help you remember more clearly later.

Seek medical help

It may seem obvious to say that your worksite accident attorney wants you to seek medical help after an accident that results in an injury, but many people do not. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic states that it is important to get medical help particularly when your injury involves bruising, swelling, a decrease in your range of motion, or is intensely painful in nature. Likewise, if the injury is in a location where you have been previously injured, a medical professional should examine you to ensure that you did not re-injury yourself. Save all paperwork and receipts from your family doctor, the urgent care clinic, or the emergency room.

Apply for workmen's compensation

State laws require that businesses large and small purchase workmen's compensation insurance for their employees. In most circumstances, you need to apply through your company's human resource department. While rules vary from state to state, a workman's compensation insurance policy, commonly referred to as just 'workman's comp', will reimburse employees for both medical expenses as well as lost wages. 

Call a worksite accident attorney

When you are injured on the job, contact a job-related accident attorney to discuss the details of your case. While most cases are simply resolved with your company's human resources department, there are some cases that require legal assistance to find a resolution. You should be able to clearly and succinctly lay out the events before, during, and after your injury for the attorney so they can determine the steps for you to take. 

Be prepared to appeal

Your worksite accident attorney wants you to also understand that you need to be prepared for an initial denial of your case. Unfortunately, denials happen, no matter how clear the details of the case are to you. A denial, however, is not always the end of your case. Be prepared to appeal and use the experience of your work-related accident lawyer to continue fighting for what is yours.

When you are injured on the job, knowing what to do can help your future case. Hiring a job-related accident lawyer can help you navigate the process, see positive results, and get reimbursed for your medical bills and time off work. For more information, contact a worksite accident attorney.


10 December 2021

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