Four Important Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer


There are simple ways to initially vet lawyers these days with referrals and online research. Once you have chosen a personal injury lawyer, the real work can begin, since these types of cases can move fast. It is important that you are active in getting your case off of the ground along with your lawyer by asking the right questions. Here are four questions you should always ask when you begin sorting out your personal injury case with your lawyer.

1. What are Your Payment Options?

Knowing what to expect when it comes to payment terms is something that should be discussed right away. If you are worried about finances, many times personal injury lawyers can get creative with payment options. Make sure you know what the terms are and understand all fees upfront. If you have mounting medical or insurance bills, you might be overly worried about payments. Remember that personal injury lawyers have most likely come up against similar limitations in the past.

2. What Can I do to Help With My Case?

Having a seasoned personal injury lawyer on your side can alleviate stress in a personal injury case. But this doesn't mean that you won't be required to participate. If you are struggling with ongoing pain management or appointments related to your condition, your lawyer can advise you the best way to document this information. They can help guide you in collecting other details that you can bring to the table to bolster your case.

3. What is Your Preferred Method of Communication?

This is actually a bit of a trick question. Your lawyer should answer in a way that makes you feel like a priority. If there will be ongoing updates and questions that come up, you and your lawyer need to both be available, most likely in various forms of communication methods. Be sure that you feel as if your personal injury lawyer is reachable and make sure that you feel confident in your lawyer's ability to keep communication lines open.

4. How Often do You Settle Personal Injury Cases out of Court?

Having an understanding of your lawyer's tactics when it comes to personal injury cases will ensure that you know where they are coming from. If you already have a strong opinion about either heading to court or settling, this can be a good start in discussing your case with your personal injury lawyer. Make sure to hear them out on their initial thoughts on approaching your case and keep an open mind.

Personal injury cases can be stressful. If you can start out on the right foot with your attorney, you will use your time more effectively and be able to fight your case as a team. If you can meet your lawyer halfway, this will free up miscommunications down the road that could waste time, money, and put a damper on your case.


23 February 2016

My Day in Court

When I sued a product manufacturer after a disfiguring accident, I never expected to actually go to court. I assumed that the case would eventually be settled, like most personal injury cases are. To my surprise, they wouldn't budge, and we ended up having to go all the way to court. I was pretty nervous about testifying, but I had a great attorney that prepared me well, and everything went smoothly. In the end, the jury saw things my way. I realized that I probably wasn't the only person to ever experience an unexpected day in court, and that's how I got the idea to start this blog. If you're looking for tips to help you prepare or wondering what to expect when you go to court for a lawsuit, this blog contains important information for you.