3 Things That Are Hurting Your Chances For Custody


When a couple is divorcing, there is a lot of stress. There is stress over the estate, money, and lost love, but in many cases the biggest stressor is custody. A custody battle can become very messy and can be hard on everyone involved. If you are in the middle of a custody battle you might be wondering why you are having such a hard time getting the custody of your kids. Here are a couple reasons why it is not leaning in your favor.

1. You Have Unstable Employment Or Income

When the courts look at custody they often look at the emotional state of the parents and children. However, once it is determined you are emotionally fit to care for your children, they will look at your employment situation and your income. They need to see that the children have stability and that their needs can be cared for. Of course there will be child support and financial help from the other spouse, but if it appears that you cannot care for the monetary needs of your children, you may not be granted sole custody. This is why it is important that you find a steady job and work to get yourself financially secure.

2. You Abandoned Your Family

Abandonment is a very serious offense when it comes to custody. The courts want to see that you have been a stable parent in the child's life for the majority of their life. If they see that you abandoned your family at any point, it will count poorly against you. This is why it is important that even if you are fighting with your spouse that you don't abandon the children. Either take the children with you if you decide to leave, or stick it out until you can get a formal separation agreement.

3. You Have A Criminal Record

When the courts look at your record they need to see an individual who is mature and ready to be a parent. If it appears that you are a dangerous or reckless influence on the children, you will not get custody. Be careful about DUI charges, drug charges, domestic violence, assault or any other type of criminal record. This will hurt your chances of getting your children and may even mean that when you are with them you have to have supervised visits. By understanding what will hurt your argument for custody you can do everything that you can to avoid these problems. 

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7 October 2015

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