5 Reasons To File Abuse Charges Against A Nursing Home


The first step to protecting a loved one in a nursing home is to take notice when something seems amiss. You need to notice life-threatening injuries and pain, even if your loved one does not tell you about them. Your next step is to follow through with filing charges or suing the nursing home in question. If any of the following events occur at your loved one's nursing home, it is time to consider that step.

1. Bed Sores

Bed sores are the result of no or little blood flow to one part of the body, and they occur in more than 150,000 individuals each year. It typically results from prolonged pressure in one area of the body. These sores are most commonly found at the tailbone, heels of the feet, elbows, and on the shoulder blades. If you notice these sores on your loved one, it likely means that employees have failed to reposition your loved one as necessary. In addition to file charges against a nursing home, a lawsuit can help cover the cost of healthcare resulting from injuries like bedsores.  

2. Dehydration

Dehydration is a deprivation of fluids, like water, that often results in death and serious complications. Your loved one is at risk for dehydration because they may be unable to monitor intake of water and other fluids. The nursing home is in charge of providing fluids. Nursing home staff members are responsible for maintaining availability of fluids, monitoring fluid consumption, and taking notes about fluid intake.

3. Assault

Fortunately, assault is uncommon in nursing homes. When it does occur, it is typically the result of failure of the nursing home to perform a background check or to supervise and train employees. Unfortunately, these assaults have occurred throughout history. If you notice bruises or see that your loved one is afraid of nursing home staff members, you need to take action.

4. Restraint Injuries

While it is true that restraints are often used to make your loved one as safe as possible, it is also possible that restraints have been used improperly or excessively in the nursing home. When used improperly, restraints can result in strangulation and severe injuries. Improper training is often to blame, and the nursing home could be held responsible.

5. Wandering

Wandering nursing home residents suffer from serious injuries. Residents who wander are at high risk for hypothermia and falls, which often result in fractures. Nursing homes can remedy situations like this by installing security cameras, locking doors at night, and putting alarms on doors and in patient's rooms.

You trust the nursing home to provide adequate care to your loved one. It's time to stop worrying and put your foot down. A nursing home abuse lawyer (such as one from Gelman Gelman Wiskow & McCarthy LLC) is the key to helping you file charges and pursue a lawsuit if necessary. 


24 September 2015

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