Involved In A Drunk Driving Accident? What You Need To Know


Going out, imbibing some spirits and having a good time with friends is always fun; however, when someone else's fun leads to them getting behind the wheel of a car while feeling the effects of alcohol and that person causes an accident, that fun is quickly over and the sobering reality of the effects of drunk driving are quickly realized.

In the United States, it is estimated that every two minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving car accident. Because of the carelessness of another driver, millions of unsuspecting safe drivers are injured or even killed in these accidents.

If you were involved in a car crash that was the result of a drunk driver and you sustained injuries, you are probably wondering if you are entitled to receiving compensation for the damages, pain and suffering that were caused by the drunk driver. Here's a look at some valuable information that can help you after the dust settles.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

There is a very good chance that you are entitled to receive compensation as a result of the accident you were involved in. However, before you go running to the courthouse to file a lawsuit, you'll first want to contact a personal injury attorney.

You have two options for recovering damages after a drunk driving accident: Filing a civil suit or accepting a settlement issued by the other driver's insurance agency. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to assess your case and guide you in the direction that will be in your best interests.

What Will You Need?

When meeting your personal injury lawyer, you'll want to be prepared. Make sure you bring a copy of the accident report with you, as well as a detailed list of all of the damages and the economic losses you experienced as a result of the accident. Letters from doctors that outline the treatments you received, medical bills and documentation of lost wages and property damage will all allow your lawyer to properly assess your case and determine the best course of action to take.

Be Conscious of Time

There is a time limit to file a suit against the driver who caused the accident. Known as the statute of limitations, this time period varies from state to state. You want to make sure that you seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney well in advance of the statute limitations if you hope to receive compensation.

Being involved in a drunk driving accident is a serious matter. With the help of a personal injury attorney like Marquard & Associates, you can increase your chances of receiving the compensation that you deserve. 


16 March 2015

My Day in Court

When I sued a product manufacturer after a disfiguring accident, I never expected to actually go to court. I assumed that the case would eventually be settled, like most personal injury cases are. To my surprise, they wouldn't budge, and we ended up having to go all the way to court. I was pretty nervous about testifying, but I had a great attorney that prepared me well, and everything went smoothly. In the end, the jury saw things my way. I realized that I probably wasn't the only person to ever experience an unexpected day in court, and that's how I got the idea to start this blog. If you're looking for tips to help you prepare or wondering what to expect when you go to court for a lawsuit, this blog contains important information for you.