5 Ways to Help Your Children Through Divorce & Child Custody


Divorce can be an emotional and confusing time for you. You may feel overwhelmed with concern about your children. If you have young children you are probably wondering how to best talk with them about child custody. Being upfront and proactive about this issue will ensure that your children stay well-adjusted throughout the process. Following these five points will help foster communication with your children about you and your partner's custody arrangements.

Take action quickly. Your children likely already know more than you realize about the situation. For them, not knowing what's going on can be much worse than the truth. As soon as you know for sure, pick a good time to talk them them. Make sure to set aside plenty of quiet, uninterrupted time.

Form a united front. If at all possible, your children need to hear about the divorce and custody plans from both of you, preferably at the same time. Not only will this give comfort to your children, but will reduce the temptation for one parent to belittle the absent parent.

Stay positive. If your children can see that you have a positive attitude about this, they will too. Be as honest as you can without disparaging your partner. Your children need to be able to continue to see both parents as positive role models, no matter what the final custody arrangements are.

Keep it simple. Tell them the truth, but don't overwhelm them with too much information that they can't process. You are the best judge, depending on their age, for how much they need to know. Be firm about the arrangements, but don't overlook their feelings and needs.

Make sure they know you both will still love them no matter what. It may be obvious to you, but in divorce children sometimes get the idea that if you can fall out of love with your partner, it could happen to them too.

Your children will no doubt be affected by this decision you have both made. It is now your responsibility to make sure that your divorce impacts your children as little as possible. While divorce is a trying time, it can be made much better with good, open communication with your children. Your children can and will survive this upheaval of their lives if you put a priority on following the above steps to assure a less traumatic impact on them, as well as you.

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9 March 2015

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